Microsoft’s Microsoft 365 and other apps no longer support Internet Explorer 11, and the phase-out of Internet Explorer is in its final stages.

As early as August last year, Microsoft announced that several products would stop supporting IE 11 and said users should switch to other browsers, such as Microsoft Edge. In May this year, Microsoft officially announced that the retirement date of IE 11 will be June 15, 2022. In May, Microsoft officially announced the retirement of IE 11 on June 15, 2022, when Windows 10 will also replace IE 11 with Microsoft Edge, a Chromium-based browser. ) the first version of Windows 10 without Internet Explorer.

According to Microsoft’s previously announced plan, Microsoft 365 and other apps ended support for IE 11 on the 17th, which means that users will get a downgraded experience or will be unable to connect when using IE11 to access Microsoft 365 apps and services. The “degraded experience” means that new features of Microsoft 365 will not be available or some features may stop working when accessed or served through IE11. According to Microsoft’s previous explanation, related impacts include

  • Outlook Web App: Starting August 17, 2021, users logged in with an AAD account will still get the full OWA experience, but will not get the new features, while users logged in with a Microsoft account (MSA) will be redirected to Outlook Web App Light experience.
  • Open/View with Explorer in Document Explorer (SharePoint): Some users may continue to access document libraries using Open with Explorer and View in Document Explorer (only accessible in IE11). To avoid disruption, these users can now use these features when accessing the document library in IE11. These features are still in maintenance mode and will not be further developed. Microsoft encourages all users to move to a modern browser and OneDrive sync for a better user experience and easier access to documents. For more information on how to prepare your SharePoint environment to end support for IE11, you can read this documentation article
  • All other applications and services will be phased out over a period of weeks and months to ensure a smooth end to the phase-out of each application and service on an independent schedule.

Now, when you open Internet Explorer, you will be prompted to download Microsoft Edge, and when you visit, you will be redirected directly to Edge browser to open. On June 15 next year, Microsoft will officially phase out Internet Explorer.