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New remote code execution vulnerability in Apache Log4j
Raspberry Pi computer flies to the International Space Station
Belgian Defense Ministry Network Hit by Severe Cyber Attack Related to Log4shell Vulnerability
DuckDuckGo is developing a desktop browser that is not based on Chromium
Apache HTTP Server Multiple Vulnerability Risk Notice
Google Announces Results of Log4j 2 "Vulnerability" Investigation: Not Affected|Google Workspace Core Service Does Not Use Log4j 2
Microsoft confirms Windows 11 will not support most virtual machines
Sorting using the standard library std::sort function
Critical RCE vulnerability found in Microsoft's Azure Linux
Microsofts Gpu Accelerated Ml Training Tensorflow Directml
Ubuntu 21 10 Performance Windows 10 11
Rust 1.55.0 is officially released
Firefox browser will introduce Tab Unloading feature to cope with low memory and reduce crashes
Amazon Launches High-Performance PyTorch Dataset Library -- S3 Plugin
Amazon Elasticsearch Service is renamed Amazon OpenSearch Service
Android 12 Beta 5 released, official version coming soon
JetBrains Launches DataSpell, a New Data Science IDE
Windows 11 preview has a serious bug that turns out to be caused by built-in ads
Critical vulnerability in NPM package, downloaded over 3 million times per week, has affected many Node.js applications
TensorFlow to depart from YAML due to code execution vulnerability, recommends developers switch to JSON
Linus Torvalds: GitHub creates absolutely useless rubbish merge
After 8 years, LiveCode announces its closure!
How cloud native is putting us out of work
Apple is hiring RISC-V developers
GitHub: The Unencrypted Git Protocol Is About to Become History
Qt 6.2 LTS features may completely override Qt 5.15
Facebook Open Source Web Scale Service Caching Engine CacheLib
New homepage for TypeScript official website
Microsoft launches Visual Studio Code for the Web preview in low profile
Pyston development team announces joining Anaconda
After 18 years, SCO, which sued IBM for stealing System V source code, chooses to settle for $14.25 million
Report: Most organisations are still in the early stages of their CI/CD journey
Microsoft open source Cloud Katana, a security assessment application for cloud environments
General purpose GPU computing framework Kompute joins LF AI & Data as a new sandbox project
Mozilla plans to enable WebRender in Firefox across all platforms
"" goes live, showcasing the GNOME App
Visual Studio is available on the Microsoft Store for Windows 11
Haiku hires a contributor for full time development
Apple GPU chip supplier enters CPU space with RISC-V architecture
Chrome enhances enterprise scalability and improves IT staff management efficiency
npm registry is deprecating TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1
After 10 years in business, Sailfish OS parent company finds growth beyond mobile devices
Bq, the maker of the first Ubuntu phone, has gone bankrupt
Go 1.17 Released, Promised Generic Support Fails Again
Linux celebrates its birthday with a review of 30 milestones
GitLab releases nearly 50 new features in one fell swoop, including Build Cloud for macOS, deep Gitpod integration, and more
PowerToys get a new look to fit in with Windows 11 style
New interview with the father of Java: JIT is great, but not for all languages
Serious vulnerability in OpenSSL, could be used to alter application data
Microsoft no longer allows Chrome OS users to install the Android version of Office