Microsoft plans to introduce some visual updates to PowerToys Settings to bring the overall design in line with the upcoming Windows 11 operating system, and the PowerToys design team has shared an early look at the revamped PowerToys Settings app on social media platforms.

According to introduction, Microsoft plans to introduce a new settings/configuration screen as part of a major update to the PowerToys interface. The upcoming update includes rounded corners, WinUI 2.6 controls, Fluent Design improvements, new icons and various elements of the Windows 11 design language. Specific updates include.

  • A new settings screen.
  • New standardised controls for all pages.
  • Settings UX for Windows 11.
  • Many accessibility improvements.
  • Replacement of RadioButtons with ComboBox to select the mode section.
  • Keyboard accessible via drop-down buttons.
  • Improved dark mode support.
  • New update interface.

It is worth noting that the redesigned PowerToys do not support Acrylic, Mica or title bar customisation; however, these issues will be resolved once PowerToys are fully migrated to WinUI 3.

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