Software developers have found multiple references to “realityOS” in the App Store’s upload log and in the GitHub repository used by Apple. From the information revealed, realityOS is most likely Apple’s new AR/VR operating system, which will be installed on Apple’s rumored mixed reality devices.



An obvious reference to a new Apple operating system called “realityOS”.

It’s no secret that Apple is working on a mixed reality platform. According to job listings on its website, numerous reliable reports, and other sources, Apple’s mixed reality platform has been in development for years, with a team of thousands of people. Yet Apple’s mixed reality platform has experienced multiple delays. For example, Bloomberg reported back in 2017 that Apple would launch a mixed reality device in 2019. That report said Apple’s custom operating system for mixed reality devices was called “rOS.”


It’s not known when Apple will release a device running realityOS, with some reports suggesting Apple will launch a headset device this year, but others suggesting next year, 2023.

Also, noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said that the device will come with its own proprietary M1-equivalent processor. This suggests it could be standalone and not require an iPhone or Mac nearby, but another recent report says that Apple plans to rely on a nearby mobile device for processing with this headset.

This discrepancy may occur because Apple is working on at least two different devices. One is expected to be a high-end, VR-enabled headset for immersive content - one that is expected to be released this year or next. The other device is an AR goggle designed to be worn while walking around in public places. Of course Apple may also still be experimenting with various product concepts whose design and appearance have not yet been finalized.