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Go Subtest
GPT-4 shock release: large multimodal model, far ahead, top 10% of mock bar exam scores!
Go 1.20 New Features Preview
Docker Releases First Technical Preview of Integrated WebAssembly
Linux Virtual Network Devices
After more than a decade, Go intends to redefine the semantics of for loop variables
Git 2.38 was released, introducing a "Scalar" tool for managing giant repositories
Linux 6.0 is officially released!
Survey Report Suggests WebAssembly May Be Overhyped
EU Launches Open Web Search Project, Hopes to Replace Google
Snapshot in Postgres
PostgreSQL is becoming increasingly popular
Google has open sourced an alternative programming language to C++: Carbon
Apple's business site blocks Firefox browser
The Webb space telescope that captured the universe, with its flight software written in C++ and a built-in custom JS interpreter
Most commonly used WebAssembly languages: Rust and JavaScript
Rust 1.63 will support Scoped Thread
Linus Torvalds: Rust For Linux may be merged into the Linux 5.20 kernel
Microsoft released a lightweight variant of Windows 11: support for running Win32 applications
New vulnerabilities found in Intel, AMD CPUs! Hackers can steal encryption keys through "Hertzbleed" attack|x86 CPU power saving mode are hit
Goodbye, IE
One letter less, multiple PyPI packages introduce malicious dependencies
Go 1.19 Beta 1 released
Go 1.19 New Features Preview
Microsoft GitHub Announces "Phasing Out" of Atom Code Editor! The focus will shift to VSCode
IETF announces HTTP/3 standard, No. RFC 9114
Windows high-risk 0day vulnerability: "Follina"
Use the ESBuild plug-in mechanism to implement the required functionality
Python's New Proposal: "Deprecating" the Global Interpreter Lock GIL | CPython Interpreter Might Get Faster
NVIDIA officially open-sources its Linux GPU kernel module
Docker Desktop announces support for Linux
Google Releases Flutter 3
Goscript: Rust implementation of the Go language specification
Two years in the making, Microsoft VS Code PowerShell gets a major update
The father of Node.js talks about JavaScript containers
Anaconda Launches PyScript: Embedding Python Code in HTML
ETCD's memory problem
Stack Overflow introduces a new copy/paste keyboard with "light pollution"
GCC 12 introduces more C++23-oriented implementations
Redis 7.0 Released
Kubernetes support for dockershim will end on May 3
Challenging C, the new system programming language Hare is released
New DDoS attacks proliferate: TCP bounce amplification attacks using middleboxes
Musk acquired Twitter for $44 billion and announced that it will be open source, algorithm code repository instantly 5k+ star
Android 14 development code name leaked! "Upside Down Cake"
Replacing the C version, the Ruby YJIT compiler implemented in Rust is complete
Father of GNU Project: Apple turns Mac into a "prison" | Ubuntu is not free GNU/Linux distributions are not recommended
W3C released the first draft of WebAssembly 2.0
Security vulnerability that can be triggered by dragging a file, affects all versions
54,000 Star all to zero, the project author: very regret