Some users may only open a small number of pages that they currently need to use, while others may open all the tabs that they want to use now and may want to use later. In the latter case, the tabs are stacked together and inevitably closed by mistake, and the user may need to reopen it.

All browsers on the market today have an “undo” option to restore closed tabs, which is only available in regular browsing windows, not in incognito or private browsing windows.

With the “Undo” option, tabs are reopened in the order in which they were closed, with the last closed tab being restored first. Some browsers display a list of recently closed tabs to make them more easily accessible to the user. Whether the user restores closed tabs using shortcuts, the right mouse button menu, or through the browser’s title bar or history page, the reopened tab will reload as if it were a brand new page, and Google is currently working on a new feature to speed up the reopening of closed tabs in the browser.

Closed Tab Cache (Closed Tab Cache) is an experimental feature that is currently only available for Chrome Canary 94.

This feature uses the same implementation logic that Google uses in Chrome’s “previous” and “next” page caches 2Fweb%2Fupdates%2F2019%2F02%2Fback-forward-cache). With this feature turned on, pages previously opened in the same tab can be loaded almost immediately, as the closed pages are retained in the cache. This new feature also has two major drawbacks, firstly it increases the memory usage of the device and secondly because pages are loaded from the cache, which can lead to “page obsolescence” problems, as the page may have been updated in the meantime.

Closed Tab Cache also offers the benefit of allowing users to open closed web pages faster without having to wait.

How to enable Closed Tab Cached in Chrome.

  • Load “chrome://flags/#closed-tab-cache” in your browser’s address bar
  • Set the feature to “Enabled”
  • Restart Chrome

This feature is currently experimental and is available in Chrome Canary 94 on all desktop operating systems.

Based on Google’s previous improvements to caching, it is likely that Closed Tab Cached will be available in a future stable version of Chrome, and certainly in other Chromium-based browsers. This will improve the experience for users who frequently need to reopen tabs, but users will also need to remember that these tabs are not up-to-date when restored and will need to be manually refreshed to ensure the latest content is displayed.