JetBrains last month released a survey of the developer ecosystem in 2021, a report detailing the latest trends in development, as well as information about tools, technologies, programming languages, and other information about the programming world. This article will focus on the current state of the .NET ecosystem in this report.

Usage by version of C#

报告显示,在过去的一年里,C#的使用情况保持相当稳定。大多数开发者仍在使用同一个版本,尽管有三分之一的开发者仍在使用最新版本的C# 9来完成他们的一些工作。

As you can see, C# 5 and 6 usage has remained the same compared to last year, but it appears that some C# 7 users have migrated to version 8, or version 9. The chart above does not accurately illustrate the migration path of users to the framework, but judging from the change in percentage, it is believed that most developers are upgrading from C# 7 to C# 9.

For this data, Khalid Abuhakmeh from JetBrains believes that while developers are aiming to use the new version of C#, they are not immediately using all the language features.

.NET runtime usage

NET Cores usage has remained stable since last year. NET Framework has declined by about 13% – probably because some users have migrated to .NET 5 and because the name change from .NET Core to .NET has confused many users. Also, last year’s survey did not separately count .NET 5, which is currently used by about a third of developers. This shows that .NET is still a powerful and mature platform for developers.

Operating system usage

NET developers, I’m sure we can all guess that Windows is the dominant operating system. The survey results show that Windows is the most popular operating system in the `.NET’ development environment, with 61% usage. That’s not surprising, but I’m sure many of you wouldn’t have guessed that Linux was the second most popular operating system over macOS with 47% usage.

IDE Usage

There is no doubt that Visual Studio is the most popular IDE for .NET developers, and of course, there are many developers using Rider. And a recently released StackOverflow survey shows that Rider is one of the top 3 most popular tools. So developers who use Rider definitely do so out of preference.

Use of performance or diagnostic tools

When developers were asked what diagnostic tools they use for troubleshooting and application runtime analysis, it was clear from the survey results that most developers do not use any diagnostic tools.

For developers using such tools, the tools built into Visual Studio are still the primary option of choice, followed by tools like dotMemory and dotTrace.

Overall, the .NET community seems to have remained relatively stable in terms of trends and product usage from last year to this year. For more information, check out the full Developer Ecology Report.