Two days ago I saw the official blog “Tidying up the Go web experience”, which has made clear the plans and arrangements for optimizing Go sites, so today I’m sharing the good news with you.

Go officials have previously launched a new site,, a new Go developer center: the

and the companion website, which provides developers with access to Go package and module information.

As wonderful as it may seem, the original continues to provide Go distribution downloads, documentation, and information on packages from the standard library.

Other Go sites, such as,,, and, all have additional Go material. It’s all a bit fragmented and confusing.

In terms of software development, this is called the “strangler” model.

That is, the old system is continually replaced by the new system, which will keep both sides running while traffic still exists on both sides. Over time, the new system keeps replacing the old one, and eventually replaces it completely.

Go officially plans to merge the site into a unified site, that is, on, in the next month or two.

All existing URLs (e.g. Go Standard Library, Go Blog, etc.) will be redirected to the new URL address without breaking changes (inaccessibility), and everything will be compatible as planned.

We’ll have a more unified Go site, and some Go beginners won’t be confused by it.

I have to say, Russ Cox’s ability to push things forward is really great, although it will also lead to a lot of controversy and discussion, but we can still learn from the good parts!