The AlmaLinux OS Foundation has made AlmaLinux available on the Microsoft Store and users can install AlmaLinux on Windows based on WSL.


AlmaLinux is an open source, community-driven project compiled from the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).AlmaLinux is fully binary compatible with RHEL 8 and was built by the creators of CloudLinux OS.The AlmaLinux team is committed to making the AlmaLinux operating system available for free, forever. The project is permanently open source without any restrictions, without any fees, and is supported until 2029.

AlmaLinux writes on the introduction page of its Microsoft Store entry: “AlmaLinux OS comes to WSL and now you can run all your favorite applications from the Enterprise Linux ecosystem using the platform you know and love, with all the standard tools including dnf/yum and more.”

AlmaLinux AlmaLinux AlmaLinux

Other Red Hat-compatible options in the Microsoft Store include Pengwin Enterprise 8, a distribution created by Whitewater Foundry that is built on Rocky Linux and, according to the company, is “for demonstration and personal use only” and requires a fee.

Pengwin Enterprise 8