At Architecture Day 2021, Intel announced details about its next-generation client architecture, codenamed “Alder Lake”.

Intel said Alder Lake will be its first processor architecture to integrate its high efficiency and performance cores, and it includes a performance core and a high efficiency core that deliver 40 percent and 19 percent more performance, respectively, compared to the previous generation. In addition, Alder Lake will support DDR5-4800, LP5-5200, DDR4-3200 and LP4x-4266 memory, as well as 16 PCIe Gen 5 lanes.

Also, Intel has created a new scheduler called Thread Director that is optimized for Windows 11. It says the scheduler provides low-level telemetry data on kernel state and thread instruction combinations, allowing the operating system to better allocate threads between kernels. According to its description, Alder Lake’s compute fabric can handle 1000 GBps, the I/O fabric can do 64 GBps, and the memory fabric can reach 204 GBps.

For more details, go to Architecture Day 2021 to view the video.