Pyston has officially posted that its team (Marius and Kevin) will join Anaconda and continue development of the Python open source interpreter Pyston.

Pyston was originally developed by Dropbox as a Python implementation based on the open source JIT, but Dropbox later abandoned Pyston. eventually, its developers decided to start their own business a few years later and released Pyston 2.0. while Anaconda is a well-known Python and R distribution with a simplified package management strategy, focusing on scientific computing, among other tasks.

The team says that with the addition of Anaconda, Pyston will continue to use the same PSF license as CPython, and while it may be integrated with other Anaconda projects in the future, it will not be tied to them, and the Pyston development team will remain in charge of its own roadmap. The next steps include integrating the features of Numba and Pyston. The two projects target different layers of the stack, and the development team hopes to integrate features to better optimise python.

In addition, Anaconda has also posted an official note about the potential inclusion of Pyston in future Anaconda package distributions, and that the partnership will help reduce the cost of deploying Python applications at scale and improve the Python experience for all users.