Visual Studio, the “number one IDE in the universe”, has finally made its way to the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft has recently announced that Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Community 2019 can be installed (for free) directly from the Microsoft Store on Windows 11. Of course, this is only available for the Windows Insiders beta.

visual studio

visual studio

One of the biggest changes to the Microsoft Store in Windows 11 is the support for uploading apps to the App Store, as long as they run on Windows. The reason for this is that Microsoft has refactored the new Microsoft Store so that it includes the UWP apps already available on Windows 10, but also supports Win32 apps and even Android apps.

It’s been almost a decade since Microsoft launched the Microsoft Store with Windows 8. But it wasn’t until Windows 11 that the Microsoft Store became a true “app shop”. After all, on previous systems, developers who wanted to upload their existing apps to the Microsoft Store had to practically rewrite them to meet the requirements of the platform’s operating environment.

Overall, the launch of Visual Studio on the Microsoft Store is a big deal for the shop itself. It has been almost ten years in the making and represents the possibility of distributing more complex applications on the platform.