According to a report in The Register, Microsoft has announced a public preview of Visual Studio Code for the Web in a deleted (and presumably premature) article.

Visual Studio Code for the Web, the web version of Visual Studio Code, is described as a new web-based code editor that runs entirely in the browser. Anyone can use VS Code for the Web for free at to quickly open and browse source code hosted on GitHub and local computers (with support for Azure Repositories to follow) and make lightweight changes.

This technology appears to be the same as the web-based editor ( that has been introduced by Microsoft’s GitHub. However, GitHub’s Web editor is only supported in GitHub repositories, whereas Visual Studio Code for the Web does not have this limitation.

The release also mentions that VS Code for the Web does not have access to computing resources, so users will still not be able to build, run or debug applications with it, nor will they be able to invoke the integrated terminal. However, users can upgrade the VS Code for the Web service to a GitHub Codespaces instance - for situations where a full remote environment, build, debug, full use of extensions and access to a terminal are required - to get the full VS Code experience.