Ubuntu 21 10 Performance Windows 10 11

The official release of Windows 11 is less than a month away (October 5), which is about a week before the release of Ubuntu 21.10 (codenamed “Impish Indri”), which is on October 14. What will be the performance difference between these two upcoming OS releases? Phoronix recently published a performance test comparing Ubuntu 21.10 with Windows 10/11. Testing environment. AMD Ryzen 9 5900X CPU 2 x 8GB DDR4-3600 memory WD_BLACK SN850 1TB NVMe SSD NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card Systems tested: Windows 10 21H1, Windows 11 22000.

Automating yum/apt offline source builds with GitHub Actions

Offline Deployment For PaaS toB products, customers often require that the deployment solution must be installed offline, i.e., it cannot rely on any online resources during deployment, such as yum/apt sources for installing some OS packages; container images on docker.io, k8s.gcr.io, quay.io; binary downloads of open source software on GitHub, etc. download files, etc. As a developer of platform deployment tools, I am always plagued by the challenge of offline

Rust 1.55.0 is officially released

The Rust team has officially released a new version of Rust 1.55.0. If you have previously installed a previous version of Rust via rustup, you can upgrade to the latest version by running the following command. 1 rustup update stable Updates in the 1.55.0 stable release include Cargo repeats compiler error In past versions, when running cargo test, cargo check --all-targets, or similar commands to build the same Rust crate in multiple configurations, errors and warnings may be repeated because rustc runs in parallel and all display the same warnings.

Firefox browser will introduce Tab Unloading feature to cope with low memory and reduce crashes

Mozilla this week enabled automatic Tab Unloading for Firefox Nightly on Windows, which significantly improves low memory usage and reduces the likelihood of browser crashes. Mozilla’s development of Firefox Tab Unloading began more than 10 years ago, but Mozilla has never enabled the feature in any of the browser’s previous releases. Tab Unloading was stalled two years ago due to detection of low memory errors. Tab unloading is now a feature in Firefox Nightly for Windows, which is currently in version 93 and is expected to be released in Firefox 93 for Windows later this year.

Go 100 lines to implement HTTP(S) forward proxy

The goal is to implement a realistic HTTP HTTPS proxy server, and there are currently two ways to implement a proxy Plain Proxy : This proxy plays the role of a middleman, for the client it is the server, for the server it is the client, it is responsible for passing HTTP messages back and forth in the middle Tunnel Proxy : It is a proxy that is done through the HTTP body, which is a TCP-based application layer proxy that uses the CONNECT method of HTTP to establish a connection.

Amazon Launches High-Performance PyTorch Dataset Library -- S3 Plugin

Amazon recently launched a dataset library for Facebook’s PyTorch machine learning framework called S3 Plugin, designed to help data scientists access datasets stored in AWS S3 (Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service). Designed for low latency, Amazon says the S3 Plugin provides the ability to stream data for datasets of any size, eliminating the need to provide local storage capacity. PyTorch is an open source machine learning library based on the Torch library for applications such as computer vision and natural language processing, developed primarily by Facebook’s AI Research Lab.

Amazon Elasticsearch Service is renamed Amazon OpenSearch Service

AWS announced that it is changing the name of its cloud service offering, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, to Amazon OpenSearch Service, and claims that despite the name change, they will continue to provide the same experience and will not have any negative impact on ongoing operations and development methods, as well as business usage. OpenSearch is a community-driven open source search and analytics suite forked from Elasticsearch 7.10.2 and Kibana 7.10.2 licensed from Apache 2.

Etcdraft consensus in Fabric

Why consensus via etcdraft? I think there are the following reasons solo is not suitable for most scenarios, e.g. organization A, organization B, both want to place consensus nodes in themselves kafka can meet the above requirements, but kafka plus zookeeper requires extra deployment and is too heavy to deploy So here comes the consensus based on etcdraft, which solves the above pain points Say it three times! Don’t miss

EOF error caused by Go HTTP Response write timeout

The day before yesterday, there was a miraculous error in the process of the call, the error in the client side of the http request error Get "": EOF , but the server side does not have any exception all the logs are normal execution Since the error is only on the client side, the Google search results are not caused by the actual scenario (there is no suspicion that there is a problem on the server side), so we have no choice but to capture the packets, and finally the problem is solved

Vue3 core Typescript class analysis

Unlike using JavaScript, writing Vue programs in Typescript requires an understanding of Vue-related types, most of which are written in the @vue/runtime-core package. Component A Vue page is composed of a component, and the component’s class in Vue is Component, which inherits from ComponentOptions, FunctionalComponent and ComponentPublicInstanceConstructor. Of these, ComponentOptions inherits from ComponentOptionsBase, which is the declarative options component we often write that contains properties such as data, methods, etc.

Android 12 Beta 5 released, official version coming soon

Google has launched Android 12 Beta 5 today, the last Beta update before the release of Android 12, which will be available in a few weeks. What’s new in Android 12 Beta 5 Nearby Share can now set devices to be visible to “everyone” Pixel phones notify users when charging is limited due to overheating Google calculator redesigned with Material You Lock button is displayed in the power menu by default (and cannot be removed in the settings) Android 12 system egg adds a desktop widget that shows the dynamic palette used by Material You Added lock screen + AOD spacing

JetBrains Launches DataSpell, a New Data Science IDE

JetBrains, the developer of the IntelliJ Idea IDE and the Kotlin programming language, recently launched DataSpell, an IDE specifically for data science. DataSpell is currently in early preview and can be downloaded by developers at jetbrains.com to download and is currently available for Windows, Linux, and Mac, and also has native support for Macs using the M1 chip. this IDE will provide a development environment for data science professionals engaged in exploratory data analysis and prototyping of machine learning models.

Basic Use of Vuex

Recently, I was writing the home page of deepincn, and I saw elementary os’ home page style was quite nice, so I planned to learn from it. Originally intended to use Angular development, but see Vue3 has been very stable, so I plan to regain Vue3, using Vue3 to write the new home page. In order to facilitate future data updates, you need to use centralized data management, Vue under the more famous and good is Vuex, and Vuex has also been adapted to Vue3, you can rest assured that the use of.

Using kubeplay to deploy a kubernetes cluster offline

kubeplay is a tool for offline deployment of kuberneres clusters based on kubespray Features Includes all dependencies and can be installed offline with a single command Support amd64 and arm64 CPU architectures kubeadm-generated certificate validity adjusted to 10 years De-dockerized deployment, seamless migration to containerd as container runtime Offline installation of rpm/deb packages that the platform depends on (e.g. storage client) for toB privatization scenarios Multi-cluster deployment, with support for deploying kubernetes clusters as Job Pods within kubernetes clusters Build offline installers using GitHub Actions, no membership required, 100% open source 100% free Component Versions addon version Use kubernetes v1.

Compiling kubernetes components with GitHub Actions

When using kubernetes, you often have to modify the official k8s source code and recompile it due to certain needs. This article explains how to use GitHub Actions to compile and publish the generated binaries by modifying the kubeadm generation certificate to the default 10 years. Build clone repo Fork the official kubernetes source code to your own repo 1 2 3 4 5 6 $ git clone https://github.com/k8sli/kubernetes.git $ cd kubernetes $ git remote add upstream https://github.

Windows 11 preview has a serious bug that turns out to be caused by built-in ads

Last week, Microsoft pushed a new version of Windows 11 to Windows Insiders users, and soon the first testers to install the new version were experiencing problems with the desktop, Start menu, taskbar, and other core components crashing and failing to load frequently. The first testers soon experienced problems with the desktop, Start menu, taskbar and other core components crashing and failing to load. Microsoft also quickly identified the problem and provided a fix registry entry Microsoft also quickly identified the problem and provided a workaround.

Critical vulnerability in NPM package, downloaded over 3 million times per week, has affected many Node.js applications

“pac-resolver” is a very popular NPM package, with over 3 million downloads per week and 285,000 public dependency repositories on GitHub. The developers of this package have recently released a patch to fix a vulnerability that could affect many Node.js applications with Remote Code Execution (RCE). Developer Tim Perry disclosed a high-risk vulnerability in the pac-resolver dependency this week, noting that it could allow an attacker on the local network to remotely run malicious code in the Node.

TensorFlow to depart from YAML due to code execution vulnerability, recommends developers switch to JSON

Tensorflow is a Python based machine learning and artificial intelligence project developed by Google. Recently TensorFlow has dropped support for YAML in order to fix a critical code execution vulnerability. AML or YAML Ain’t Markup Language is a human-readable data serialization language used to pass objects and store data between processes and applications, and many Python applications use YAML to serialize and deserialize objects. The CVE ID for this vulnerability is CVE-2021-37678, and the maintainers of TensorFlow and Keras, a wrapper project for TensorFlow, say that the vulnerability stems from an insecure parsing of YAML, which could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code when an application deserializes a Keras model served in YAML format.

Linus Torvalds: GitHub creates absolutely useless rubbish merge

In August 2020, Paragon, a company working on a variety of storage technologies, made a high profile announcement that their NTFS read/write driver would be in mainline development in the Linux kernel, after years of being available as a commercial driver for those who need reliable support for Microsoft file systems on Linux. It is understood that after several revisions, Paragon submitted a pull request a few days ago for its NTFS read/write driver, dubbed NTFS3, for the upcoming Linux 5.

After 8 years, LiveCode announces its closure!

Kevin Mille, CEO of LiveCode, recently announced that he will choose a closed source approach to LiveCode development in the future. “99% of LiveCode’s work is done by our internal team. But a large part of the community is using the open source version for free, and our current maintenance costs are unbalanced against the rewards. It’s a huge task and one we don’t have the resources to take on. Therefore, we have decided to stop supporting the open source version of LiveCode at this time.