Glibc Security Patch Causes More Serious Vulnerabilities

In early June, the widely used GNU C Library (glibc) released a patch to fix a relatively minor security vulnerability (CVE-2021-33574). Fixing the security issue should have been a good thing, but unfortunately this security patch introduced a new and more serious vulnerability (CVE-2021-38604). Siddhesh Poyarekar, a Red Hat software engineer, said that if an attacker wanted to exploit the initial security vulnerability to launch a minimal attack, he would need many prerequisites before he could exploit the vulnerability to crash the program.

Intel announces details about next-generation client architecture "Alder Lake"

At Architecture Day 2021, Intel announced details about its next-generation client architecture, codenamed “Alder Lake”. Intel said Alder Lake will be its first processor architecture to integrate its high efficiency and performance cores, and it includes a performance core and a high efficiency core that deliver 40 percent and 19 percent more performance, respectively, compared to the previous generation. In addition, Alder Lake will support DDR5-4800, LP5-5200, DDR4-3200 and LP4x-4266 memory, as well as 16 PCIe Gen 5 lanes.

Apollo GraphQL raises $130M: Creating groundbreaking open source graph technology

Apollo GraphQL announced that it has raised $130 million in Series D funding; led by Insight Ventures with participation from existing investors Andreessen Horowitz and Matrix Partners. The round closes with the company valued at $1.5 billion. Officials say they will use the funding to create groundbreaking open source graph technology that will make it faster and easier for everyone to develop applications. Data shows that 86 percent of JavaScript developers already list GraphQL as the technology they most want to learn.

How to create temporary files with Bash scripts: tutorials on the mktemp and trap commands

Sometimes, Bash scripts need to create temporary files or temporary directories. The common practice is to generate a file inside the /tmp directory yourself, which has many drawbacks. This article describes how to safely handle temporary files. Security of temporary files Creating temporary files directly, especially in the /tmp directory, often leads to security problems. First, the /tmp directory is readable by everyone and any user can write to it.

Linux Foundation Welcomes New "Member", eBPF Foundation Formed

On August 12, 2021 EST, Google, Microsoft, Isovalent, Facebook, and Netflix jointly announced the formation of a new non-profit organization, the eBPF Foundation, under the auspices of the Linux Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to better promoting the open source project eBPF and supporting the commercial growth of Linux and other open source technologies. In recent years, the number of eBPF projects has exploded and more and more projects are interested in using eBPF, so it is increasingly important to optimize collaboration between projects, ensure that the core of eBPF is well maintained and configure a clear roadmap for the future of eBPF.

Facebook unveils future-proof privacy-enhancing technology

New technologies take time to develop, but we believe that with continued iteration we can build solutions that support a free and open Internet. On Aug. 11, Facebook released a proposal for new privacy-enhancing technology on its website and advocated for a freer and more open Internet, mentioning that the new privacy-enhancing technology aims to protect users’ privacy and reduce Internet companies’ reliance on personal and third-party data. The new technology will help Internet companies filter the amount of personal information they do not have to process without affecting the way they show ads to people and measure the effectiveness of advertisers’ ads.

IE browser's phase-out enters final stage

Microsoft’s Microsoft 365 and other apps no longer support Internet Explorer 11, and the phase-out of Internet Explorer is in its final stages. As early as August last year, Microsoft announced that several products would stop supporting IE 11 and said users should switch to other browsers, such as Microsoft Edge. In May this year, Microsoft officially announced that the retirement date of IE 11 will be June 15, 2022. In May, Microsoft officially announced the retirement of IE 11 on June 15, 2022, when Windows 10 will also replace IE 11 with Microsoft Edge, a Chromium-based browser.

FFmpeg Video Processing Tutorial for Beginners

FFmpeg is the most commonly used open source software for video processing. It is powerful and versatile, used extensively in video websites and commercial software (such as Youtube and iTunes), and is the standard encoding/decoding implementation for many audio and video formats. FFmpeg itself is a huge project containing many components and library files, the most commonly used being its command line tools. This article describes how FFmpeg command line

Facebook develops new open source timing device that works with just one PCIe slot

August 11, 2021 - Facebook engineers have shared that they have built and open sourced the entire specification for Time cards, a time device for network synchronization based on ultra-precise atomic clocks and timing technology from navigation satellites that will help accelerate services on the massive Internet. Every digital device needs to know what time it is, and with the dimension of time, the device can properly provide various services and record various types of logs.

Google launches SoundStream, a neural network codec that will be integrated into the open source project Lyra

Google recently released an end-to-end neural audio codec – SoundStream. Most importantly, Google says this is the world’s first audio codec powered by a neural network and supporting different sound types such as voice, music and ambient sounds, which can process the above-mentioned kinds of audio in real time on a smartphone’s processor. Audio codecs are essential tools for compressing audio files in order to make them smaller and save as much time as possible during transmission.

Safari does not support build-in custom elements for compatibility handling

Safari browser does not support build-in custom elements, only anonymous custom elements. Compatibility is shown in the following figure. That is, Safari only supports the following HTML-formatted UI components by default. 1 2 3 4 <ui-tips></ui-tips> <ui-drop></ui-drop> <ui-tab></ui-tab> <ui-lighttip></ui-lighttip> The following web components components, which extend on native HTML elements via the is attribute, are not supported. 1 2 3 4 <input is="ui-color"> <select is="ui-select"></select> <form is="ui-form"></form> <table is="ui-table"></table> That’s a problem, otherwise great UI components are verbose and tedious when they can only be implemented using anonymous custom elements.

Chrome tests tab caching feature to instantly restart closed pages

Some users may only open a small number of pages that they currently need to use, while others may open all the tabs that they want to use now and may want to use later. In the latter case, the tabs are stacked together and inevitably closed by mistake, and the user may need to reopen it. All browsers on the market today have an “undo” option to restore closed tabs, which is only available in regular browsing windows, not in incognito or private browsing windows.

State of the .NET ecosystem: more than half of .NET developers use C# 8, .NET Framework usage declining

JetBrains last month released a survey of the developer ecosystem in 2021, a report detailing the latest trends in development, as well as information about tools, technologies, programming languages, and other information about the programming world. This article will focus on the current state of the .NET ecosystem in this report. Usage by version of C# 报告显示,在过去的一年里,C

PineNote: an e-ink screen reader that runs Linux

Pine64 (the company behind the Pinebook Pro and PinePhone) announced will launch the PineNote, a high-end e-ink screen device based on the Quartz64 single-board computer. The company says the PineNote is one of the most powerful e-ink devices on the market; it can be used as an open-source alternative to more expensive counterparts such as Remarkable 2 and Onyx BOOX. According to the description, the PineNote is powered by the RK3566 quad-core A55 system chip paired with 4GB of LPDDR4 memory and 128GB of eMMC flash memory.

A First Look at RDF and SPARQL: Using Wikidata as an Example

Wikipedia has a sister project called “Wikidata” (Wikidata). You can click on it from the left sidebar of Wikipedia. “Wikidata takes all of Wikipedia’s data and organizes it into a machine-processable database for easy access. For example, which is the most populous region in Shanxi Province? This kind of question is very time-consuming to query in Wikipedia, and you have to manually extract information from each entry. However, Wikidata can

Local https quick solution - mkcert

In Local Development, sometimes we often need to emulate an https environment, for example, PWA applications that require https access. In the traditional solution, we need to use self-signed certificate, and then use self-signed certificate in http server. Since self-signed certificates are not trusted by browsers, to solve the browser trust problem we need to add the CA certificate used by self-signed certificates to the trusted CA certificate of the

SSH Certificate Login Tutorial

SSH is a server login tool that provides password login and key login. However, there is a third method of SSH login, and that is the certificate login. In many cases, it is the more logical and secure method of login, and this article describes that method of login. Disadvantages of non-certificate login Password login and key login, both have their disadvantages. Password login requires entering the server password, which

git cherry-pick tutorial

For multi-branch codebases, it is a common requirement to move code from one branch to another. There are two scenarios for this. In one case, you need all the code changes in another branch, so you use git merge. In the other case, you only need some of the code changes (a few commits), then you can use Cherry pick. Basic usage What the git cherry-pick command does is apply the specified commit to other branches.

When JS WeakMap should be used

When does WeakMap work? First of all, we must understand that even without WeakMap, the world of JS is also running as usual, WeakMap in the JS world, and its name is the same - “weak”, weak. Belong to the kind of role, but not in the key position to do great things, somewhat similar to some CSS function selector, although simpler and more convenient to use, but usually use

GitHub has deprecated password-based authentication for Git operations

If your Git actions have been failing or giving errors on GitHub since yesterday (August 14), it’s likely because you’re still using password-based authentication for your Git actions, and now you need to change that setting. GitHub announced last July that it would no longer accept account passwords to authenticate Git operations, and now it’s time to make that decision official. You will now need to use SSH keys or token-based authentication to authenticate Git operations.