AWS Launches Redis-Compatible In-Memory Database: Microsecond Read Latency, Can Handle Over 13 Trillion Requests Per Day

Following the launch of the Amazon ElastiCache for Redis fully managed memory caching service, AWS recently announced the official launch of Amazon MemoryDB for Redis, a highly persistent, Redis-compatible in-memory database. According to AWS, MemoryDB enables developers to cost-effectively build applications with microsecond read performance, single-digit millisecond write performance, and extremely high persistence and availability. According to AWS, Amazon MemoryDB for Redis has the following features. Ultra-fast performance. MemoryDB stores entire data sets in memory to provide microsecond read latency, single-digit millisecond write latency, and high throughput.

Linux on Apple M1 now boots to GNOME desktop

Alyssa Rosenzweig, one of the Asahi Linux developers working on porting Linux to the Apple M1, recently shared a milestone on her social media platforms: namely, that she successfully booted the Debian distribution on an Apple M1 device and into the GNOME Shell desktop environment. It is worth noting, however, that OpenGL graphics acceleration is not yet supported. The experience currently relies solely on LLVMpipe, a software implementation of Mesa Gallium3D for accelerating OpenGL on the CPU, to achieve the OpenGL acceleration required by the GNOME desktop.

Dapr relies on a tool library that contains a "Do Not Use" license

Recently, a developer filed an issue on Dapr’s GitHub repo stating that one of the tool libraries (bouk/monkey) that Dapr relies on contains a “No One Can Use” license. Dapr is a portable, event-driven runtime for building distributed applications across the cloud and the edge. This License states the following. 1 2 3 4 5 Copyright Bouke van der Bijl I do not give anyone permissions to use this tool for any purpose.

F5 Announces New Commitment to Open Source

To enable developers and DevOps professionals to accelerate the delivery of applications, F5 said it will release a new open source version of its leading management solution, as well as a new open source Modern Application Reference Architecture. The company also announced it will take an active role in the Kubernetes Ingress project and will join the Gateway API community. As well as the launch of the Now Arriving interactive community experience, featuring seven different immersive digital environments designed by artists and developers to help audiences understand the capabilities of the F5 open source platform.

Elastic Acquires to Extend Security in Cloud-Native Environments

Last November, Israeli startup raised a $6 million seed round of funding led by YL Ventures. Less than a year ago, Elastic recently announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire for an undisclosed amount, which is expected to close in the second quarter of Elastic’s fiscal year 2022. Once the acquisition is completed, the technology team will serve as a unit within the Elastic Security organization, said Ash Kulkarni, Elastic’s chief product officer.

Google's "planet scale" cron system design

Recently looked up some old Google articles / papers, found that Google has a number of systems on the design of the text are written planet scale, the breath that is really big. When you think about it, FAANG can do business to the global Internet companies, in addition to these five, there are not many other, they do have the capital to blow planet scale. Really envious. Google’s employees came out to start a business, the company name is also TailScale (seems to be doing vpn’s), PlanetScale (this seems to be taking vitess out to start a business) so that means ex-googler is also more like the culture of this company.

"Want the source code to pick up at home", and people really came to the door! Chinese companies in controversy again

Domestic smart device maker UMIDIGI has sparked controversy by violating the GPLv2 agreement and telling developers to “pick up the source code if you want it”. The incident has already caused a lot of controversy among foreign netizens. UMIDIGI is a Shenzhen-based smart device manufacturer that sells affordable Android smartphones and smart wearables. As you can see from Amazon, it focuses on the sub-$200 phone market and the sub-$50 smartwatch Will Be History

Two days ago I saw the official blog “Tidying up the Go web experience”, which has made clear the plans and arrangements for optimizing Go sites, so today I’m sharing the good news with you. Go officials have previously launched a new site,, a new Go developer center: the and the companion website, which provides developers with access to Go package and module information. As wonderful as it may seem, the original golang.

Trigger file uploads without using file type inputs

Review the old and know the new Traditionally, file uploads on the web are done using a file type form input box. 1 <input type="file"> We can specify the type of file to be selected with the accept property, the directory property specifies whether a folder can be selected, and the capture property specifies the front or rear camera. It’s still very powerful. But the file input box has the fatal disadvantage that the UI is too ugly and not customizable.

Use of Carbon

Sometimes when we browse blogs and technical posts we find people sharing code like this? This is actually a picture, although the content inside can not be copied, but the picture as a whole look very sophisticated, right? The three red, yellow and green buttons in the upper left corner are the window buttons in the Mac, and then the code highlighting color scheme is exactly the same as the color scheme in our IDE, the whole is a Mac style.

Learn Java's Coroutine framework Loom

I’ve been following the development progress of the JDK concurrent library for a long time, but I was busy some time ago and rarely checked the official OpenJDK website. The Java concurrent project Loom (because the project is still in the development stage, OpenJDK gives only a small amount of Loom project-related information in the official website has been established before 2018, and has been released based on JDK17 compilation and JDK18 compilation, etc.

GitHub Actions Tutorial: Timed Weather Emails

In November 2019, GitHub officially opened the feature GitHub Actions, which is now available without a request. GitHub Actions is a CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) tool, but can also be used as a code runtime environment. It is very powerful and can be played with in many ways. I have written GitHub Actions Getting Started Tutorial which describes the basic usage. This article follows on from the previous tutorial and gives a simple, practical example: run a script once a day at regular intervals to get the weather forecast and then send an email.

GitHub Actions Getting Started Tutorial

GitHub Actions is GitHub’s continuous integration service, launched in October 2018. These days, I’ve been trying it out and find it very powerful, creative, and more playful than Travis CI. This article is a simple tutorial that demonstrates how to use GitHub Actions to automatically publish a React app to GitHub Pages. What are GitHub Actions? As you know, continuous integration consists of many actions, such as grabbing code, running tests, logging into remote servers, publishing to third-party services, etc.

Big data unicorn Databricks may be valued at $38 billion

Databricks, the big data startup founded by the original members of Apache Spark, has agreed to a new investment deal: an injection of at least $1.5 billion into Databricks, led by Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg said, citing sources familiar with the matter. “This investment shows that investors are highly bullish on the future of services that help enterprises move data to the cloud.” If the round closes successfully, Databricks will manage to reach a valuation of $38 billion, up nearly 36 percent from its previous valuation of $28 billion.

Haiku's 20th anniversary

On August 18, 2021, the Haiku project turns 20 years old. 20 years ago, an email with the headline “Ok, let’s start” inspired many developers and thus brought together the first Haiku team to save, maintain and grow BeOS. BeOS is an operating system developed by Be for multimedia use, using the then-advanced 64-bit BeFS file system, supporting multiprocessors, and with excellent multimedia performance. beOS’ GUI follows clear and clean design principles, and its API is written in C++, making it very easy to program.

Tesla AI Day: Self-developed supercomputing Dojo chip released, 7nm manufacturing, can perform 1024 billion calculations per second

The D1 chip is here, can Dojo be far behind? Tesla Releases Dojo D1 Chip On August 19, North American time, Tesla AI Day was officially held. At the conference, Musk introduced Tesla’s software and hardware progress in the field of artificial intelligence. Among them, the Dojo D1 chip, a self-developed supercomputer, became the biggest highlight of the conference. Ganesh Venkataramanan, the head of Project Dojo, took the stage to demonstrate the key capabilities of Dojo, saying that Musk wanted an ultra-fast training computer to train Autopilot.

Git Undo

When managing Git versions, you often need to undo certain actions. This article describes a few of the most important cases and gives detailed explanations. Withdrawal of submission A common scenario is that after committing the code, you suddenly realize that there is something wrong with the commit and you should undo it, so you can execute the following command. 1 $ git revert HEAD The above command works by

Windows 11 makes it harder to switch default browsers, causing discontent with Google and Mozilla

Microsoft has earlier launched the preview version of Windows 11, which has many changes in the overall UI and experience compared to Windows 10. While some of the changes have been welcomed by users and Microsoft partners, others have sparked dissatisfaction from other vendors and users. Now Microsoft’s changes to how users can change their default browser in Windows 11 have sparked dissatisfaction from its competitors such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Vivaldi.

Microsoft Publish First Win11 Iso

Microsoft has released the first official ISO file for Windows 11 to allow users to install the latest operating system on their own. The ISO file is for Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.132, which was released a few days ago, and Microsoft says that when users use the ISO to install Windows 11, they can experience the new Windows 11 setup experience (known as the “out-of-the-box experience " or OOBE for short) and the ability to name their PC.

Glibc Security Patch Causes More Serious Vulnerabilities

In early June, the widely used GNU C Library (glibc) released a patch to fix a relatively minor security vulnerability (CVE-2021-33574). Fixing the security issue should have been a good thing, but unfortunately this security patch introduced a new and more serious vulnerability (CVE-2021-38604). Siddhesh Poyarekar, a Red Hat software engineer, said that if an attacker wanted to exploit the initial security vulnerability to launch a minimal attack, he would need many prerequisites before he could exploit the vulnerability to crash the program.