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Swift and C++ Interoperability Working Group Formed
2021 JavaScript Star Projects
After 8 years, Chrome gets a new logo
MariaDB to go public in a shell, already valued at $672 million
2022 Technology Trends: C++, Go, Rust Shine, Cybersecurity of Concern
AMD has developed a "PAN" feature that helps improve Linux performance
Android 13 new features revealed: CPU acceleration to improve game loading speed
Violation of redistribution SkyWalking, Volcano Engine responds and apologizes
Deno 2021 review: optimizing the core, Node.js compatibility, in preparation for Deno 2
Android malware not only steals victims' money, but also restores phones to factory settings
Google announces abandonment of FLoC, launch of alternative Topics API
Vulnerability over 12 years old, affecting all major Linux distributions
Fortune 500 company wrongly finds cURL author to fix lo4j vulnerability
MIT introduces Twist, a programming language for quantum computing
Atomic atomic classes and their underlying principles CAS
Microsoft Announces VSCode Java 2022 Roadmap
Startpage Search Engine Launches Open Source Browser Extension to Protect Users' Private Data
cURL will natively support JSON
Evan You announces: Vue 3 will be the new default version
Igor Sysoev, father of NGINX, departs from F5
Java to introduce new object types to solve memory utilization problems
Linux malware on the rise: XorDDoS, Mirai and Mozi most popular
Firefox Relay blacklisted by GitHub's 'Temporary Mailbox' project, users protest
Chromium's ban on users removing built-in search engine causes problems, feature to return later
Faker.js becomes a community-controlled project
What about the technology of FreeBSD in 2024?
youtube dl official web hosting platform sued by three major record labels
The White House held the "open source security" summit, Apache / Google / Microsoft / Apple and other participants
ECMAScript 2022 Preview: 10 Proposals for Stage 4 in 2021
Apache PLC4X authors to stop free community support, ask enterprise users to pay for their labour
Google VP criticizes Apple iMessage for "green bubble bullying" of Android users
Relationship eased, CCleaner now available in Windows 11 app store open source BumbleBee, use eBPF with a Docker-like experience
AngularJS End of Life Cycle
Interpreting Go Language 2021: Stability is King
Interpreting Julia's 2021: Moving Toward a Mainstream Programming Language
Ali's own standardized protocol library XQUIC officially open source!
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Microsoft Exchange's scanners can't accept 2022